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SCAQMD Cumulative Impacts from Air Toxics: This only applies to new construction and industrial projects.

Working Group #5 Update March 15, 2024

The South Coast AQMD has initiated a public process to develop guidance for evaluating cumulative air quality impacts from increased concentrations of air toxics for projects in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Here’s a summary of the previous working group meetings:

  1. Working Group Meeting #1 (February 17, 2022):
    • Gathered information and shared the initial objective.
    • Identified the importance of conducting cumulative impact analysis.
    • Recognized the need for further guidance on analyzing cumulative impacts of air toxics.
    • Initiated a public process to develop a phased qualitative and quantitative approach, including various mapping tools, defining geographic scope using a range of distances, and developing a cumulative significance threshold.
  2. Working Group Meeting #2 (May 26, 2022):
    • Shared valuable feedback from stakeholders.
    • Presented staff’s response based on stakeholders’ feedback.
  3. Working Group Meeting #3 (January 24, 2023):
    • Summarized stakeholder feedback and comments on defining significance thresholds, evaluating incremental project impacts qualitatively and quantitatively, and combining background and incremental impacts.
  4. Working Group Meeting #4 (June 6, 2023):
    • Discussed proposed process steps and a tiered approach for cumulative Toxic Air Contaminants (TAC) impacts analyses at regional plan and project levels, including policy concepts, cancer risk impacts, and proposed concepts for analyses.

Working Group Meeting #5 (March 20, 2024): To provide updates on additional criteria and retrospective sensitivity analysis for conducting a cumulative impact analysis for air toxics and to seek feedback on the information presented.

03/20/2024 AT 1:30 PM
Cumulative Impacts from Air Toxics for CEQA Projects Working Group Meeting #5
Zoom Webinar Link:
Webinar ID: 945 5636 9595
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