2020 Legislative Accomplishments

NAIOP contacted each CEO and the Planning Director for San Bernardino and Riverside County, as well as every City Manager and Planning Director in each City regarding the pending State mandated changes under Senate Bill 743.  Provided model VMT ordinances that each jurisdiction could follow, as they adopted their local ordinances relating to how future transportation impacts are measured under CEQA.

The NAIOP IE PAC, raised money, interviewed candidates and financially supported 16 City Council Races, 3 San Bernardino County Measures and 1 County Supervisor Race.  In addition, the Chapter created an  Election Guide.

The Chapter Legislative Affairs Team advocated against increases to development impact fees, Good Neighbor Guidelines and Moratoriums in multiple cities in both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

The Chapter Legislative Affairs Committee Members met monthly with a focus on analyzing government policy that would impact the industry and set strategy to defeat these policies.

About Legislative Affairs

With today’s challenging and complex political environment, it is vital for the commercial real estate industry to be proactively involved in the political process on a local, regional, statewide and national basis. As the voice of office and industrial real estate owners, operators and service providers in the region, NAIOP Inland Empire is playing a prominent role in shaping policy and legislative discussions for the benefit of our members and the commercial real estate industry as a whole.


  • We will support legislation and public officials who support the Commercial Real Estate industry and embrace our contributions to the economy and communities.
  • We will support legislation and public officials that support Southern California infrastructure receiving its fair share of funding.
  • We will support legislation and public officials which support and promote job creation for our region, through limited prudent regulation of our industry.
  • We will support legislation and public officials that encourage common sense, consistent, efficient and value-added land use planning which will, in turn, encourage growth.
  • We will support legislation and public officials which promote cost effective, proven Green technologies and environmentally sustainable methods in the design, construction and maintenance of buildings, infrastructure and sites that are responsive to the needs of the end user of the building.
  • We will educate public officials about the benefits of the Commercial Real Estate industry, include responding to inaccurate and information and negative attacks to our industry.
  • We will work with our members to provide comprehensive and uniform information related to comments provided during the environmental review process.
  • We encourage healthy participation within Legislative Committee and within the NAIOP Inland Empire Chapter and strive for disclosure to avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts.