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Linkage Fee – Workforce Housing Offset Fee

Linkage Fee – Workforce Housing Offset Fee

The hard work of NAIOP San Diego resulted in the San Diego City Council rescinding an ordinance that would have raised the city’s “linkage fee” — also known as the “workforce housing offset fee” — on commercial development by approximately 500 percent.

For the last four years, NAIOP San Diego’s top legislative priority has been opposing continued attempts to increase the linkage fee, culminating in November 2013 when the City Council approved the substantial increase that the chapter simply could not support.

NAIOP San Diego led efforts to assemble an unprecedented group of business community partners in a JOBS Coalition, branded the fee increase as a jobs tax on the San Diego economy and mounted a successful referendum effort of gathering 53,000 referendum petition signatures in just 26 days.

Most importantly, while the chapter sees the overturning of the fee increase as a huge victory, they recognize that the struggle to adequately fund subsidized housing will continue in San Diego. The chapter and its partners on the JOBS Coalition are committed to working toward a broad-based, stable, long-term funding source to address this societal need.