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Mike Lee
Programs Co-Chair

City of Moreno Valley
City Manager

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Mike Lee knows business. And businesses know Mike Lee.

Since 2015, Mike has been bragging to businesses about Moreno Valley like a proud grandparent pulling out a stack of wallet-sized photos of the grandkids.

When it comes to Moreno Valley there is a lot to brag about. Thanks to Mike’s efforts as our Economic Development Director, Fortune 500 and international companies have flocked to Moreno Valley, and so have thousands of jobs.

His work isn’t just putting people to work where they live. He’s helping to build the workforce of the future.

And he’s doing it with innovative partnerships between the City, our educational partners and our business community.

For more than two decades, Mike has been building those relationships, one cup of green tea at a time.

A native of Taiwan, Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a Master of Public Administration.

He and his wife, Brenda, have two sons: Ryan, a sophomore at the University of California, Irvine, and Alex, a high school junior.

A self-proclaimed news junkie, Mike often knows what is hot off the presses before the news even gets to the presses. He’s a devoted ‘80s music fan, an avid art collector, and there are rumors he likes camping on the beach, although we’ve yet to see photographic evidence.

If he does manage to go on vacation, we know he’ll be bragging about Moreno Valley to anyone standing still.