Dynamex Decision - Independent Contractors
07/24/18 Ontario, CA

You may have recently heard about a ruling by the California Supreme Court in Dynamex Operations West v. Superior Court (“Dynamex”), issued in April. The economic impact of this ruling has far-reaching negative implications for nearly all sectors of the economy as it puts severe restrictions on independent contractors.


Companies in a wide range of industries throughout California will be exposed to costly litigation and will have limited resources to maintain their business. Innovation and investment in California’s economy will be limited or reduced. And, individuals who intentionally rely upon contracting opportunities for income, will have limited options.


As part of a very large business coalition, we are pushing back on the decision and asking that policymakers address the issue.


As part of the advocacy effort we have just launched the following website -- “I’m Independent.” We hope this overall effort will get policymakers to address this bad decision.  


NEWSTORY:  “THE HILL: California's 'Dynamex' decision spells doom for state's businesses and freelancers”