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SB 1387 (DeLeon) DEFEATED

Incredible, Historic Victory! SB 1387 (DeLeon) DEFEATED

SB 1387 would have added three more state appointees to the SCAQMD Board which would have allowed the Sate to appoint 6 Board members who were not elected officials or accountable to the people our region.  It is difficult to put into words how historic and important this victory is to our NAIOP members and the business community, and quite frankly to the state.  The bill was a state legislative effort to override the work that has been ongoing locally over many, many years and was authored by the President pro tem of the Senate, Kevin DeLeon.  The hurdles to defeating this bill were huge to put it mildly.  Thanks certainly go out to Rex Hime and Matthew Hargrove of CBPA for their tireless efforts.

This also is a very definitive statement of the importance of a vigorous ongoing legislative affairs effort to our NAIOP members.